I’m currently working on a game project using RPG Maker MV, as I work on the game I shall take in advice or requests from

Fantasy Heart: Era Of Dusk/Dawn

people as well as post updates of the game here on my blog and my other websites.

The game itself features lots of scripts from various sources, mainly Yanfly so shout out to him! He makes great scripts and if you’re working with RPG Maker I highly suggest looking at his scripts for custom things he has so many awesome stuff on there.

As far as content outside of scripting goes I’m aiming to make it all completely original, from the animations to the sound effects and music. Currently however not a lot of it features my own official work since I’m working on the game AND the artwork of it. So I can’t really post a lot of content other than the default stuff at the moment since temporarily I’m borrowing things and putting them in there simply to have something to work with.

But again the final/official version of the game will have all original content by myself on it.

Screenshot 1

It’s an RPG game similar to the old Final Fantasy games with more content and a wider variety of things to do. The game will feature a giant open world scenario which will be unlocked even more the further you progress through the game, hidden treasures and dungeons to explore and conquer, scattered information that will immerse you within the world and tell you about it’s setting and characters, choices and options available that will change character’s opinions of you and give you certain scenarios. Gameplay wise I’m unsure how long it’ll be but I’m aiming for it to take a long time for players to complete and finish everything, more so than a lot of RPG Maker games.

There will be main missions and side missions, the game will not be easy and is aimed for players who enjoy a challenge and don’t like blitzing through a game. The minimal amount of effort the player is expected to do is simply complete a few side missions here and there to get the items or experience necessary to tackle the main quests which open new and harder areas to explore.


The game’s story is based on something me and a few friends came up with a few years ago when we played something similar to Dungeons And Dragons, we basically just pretended to be different characters in this fantasy world and simply did different things excluding dice or stats. If you check out my DeviantArt page here you’ll be able to scroll through it and find some content that this game is based off: http://darkimpetus.deviantart.com/

Screenshot 2

“The story revolves around the prince of a warrior race know as the Roduki whom are recovering after losing their planet to a long and destructive war with an unknown alien species. Luckily their elders managed to use a spell that transported them and the parts of their planet that was still full of life to another world, splitting it up and merging the two worlds into one.

As he tries to rise to greatness as a prince by proving himself as a great warrior and helping to rebuild his species’ society an ancient evil stirs thanks to the commotion of the two worlds merging. Varlore and his friends must fight to help restore the balance this new threat poses.”


Again big thank you to Yanfly for his scripts within this game, credit will be in the game’s final version.

All artwork, story concepts and programming is done by me.

Music and sound effects is done by daedalus-net, you can check out his DeviantArt here: http://daedalus-net.deviantart.com/

And a big thank you to my friends for the great times we had together with this idea.


All characters and artwork for them are copyrighted by me, if you wish to use these images and characters then contact me beforehand.

Varlore Surak Rokai

Myrie Semarah Harmeeka

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Known Issues

  • Some enemies that utilise the same sprites as the players will face the opposite direction in battle.